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I need to Sell my Bulgarian Property Fast!

There are countless unique reasons why you might need to sell your Bulgarian property, but if you are on a deadline to sell quick, you might feel entirely alone in your circumstance.

This is because most people who sell their property do it the traditional method, believing that there is no effective alternative. Let Bulgarian Ski Properties fill you in on the side of the property market you may not know about; the side that can make it incredibly simple to sell your property fast and easy!

There are many reasons why you might need to get your property sold fast, but few places from which fair offers can be found. These reasons can range from simple and routine, such as inherited or distressed properties that you just need to move fast, or as complicated as a sudden influx in fills that necessitate a quick cash payment for your property, or a situation where your lack of equity in your property is sending you deeper into dire straits financially.

At Bulgarian Ski Properties, we understand that each situation is unique and what works for one property owner in trouble may not be the solution for others. We truly know that things may seem hopeless if you need to sell your home fast. Sometimes the traditional real estate market is simply not set up to facilitate a quick sale, and if you use traditional methods to sell, you’re going to be giving away a cut of the proceeds for a sale that goes slowly than expected.


When you call our company or request an offer, the process is fairly simple:

Our professional customer service representatives will ask you for some basic information and should make a quick visit to your property. All this process takes only 24-hours! Now we are having all the information needed to give you a written offer, and if you are satisfied, you will receive the amount to your bank account. Remember, there is NO obligation to accept, it’s just an offer. You will then determine whether or not the offer is something which you feel is fair, or you can come back to us, and see if we are open to negotiating on the offer terms with you.

If at this point you have agreed to our offer, or if we have renegotiated and have come to an agreement, it is simply time to sit down and close on the property’s sale. Our solicitor will contact you and give you full instructions to complete the sale. During closing, we will pay you the cash value which is agreed upon, and we will take over ownership of the property you have decided to sell to us. NO hidden fees or hidden paperwork we didn’t inform you about early on it the process.

Contact us for an OFFER!

Bulgarian Ski Properties process utilizes private cash and private investors so that we solve your financial problems without dealing with the standard regulations, stress and the headaches involved with waiting for your money. Don’t stress – simply call us as soon as possible or request an offer by filling out our online information form, and we will give you the steps you need to sell your Bulgarian Property fast! There are NO Up-Front fees or Charges!

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    I recently purchased a Bansko property through Nikolay Zhelev of Bulgarian Ski Properties and I couldn’t have been happier with the service and smoothness of process.

    Because I had visited Bansko before I had a good idea of the area and type of property I was seeking, and so when I saw such a property on the Bulgarian Ski Properties website – and that similar ones were selling fast, and I was 2 weeks from visiting Bansko again – I decided to put a deposit down on it based upon the video, photos and description; I felt confident enough to do so because of the professionalism and fast responses from Nikolay.

    Now that the property purchase is completed: I can say that I am very pleased that I did put that deposit down as Nikolay ensured the process was very smooth and as fast as possible and went above and beyond several times, including providing another viewing for a visiting friend before I could get the keys.

    I would highly recommend Nikolay Zhelev and Bulgarian Ski Properties for all your property needs too.

    Paul H
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    Отличная команда! Работают с душой, быстро находят нужную вам недвижимость, отвечают на любые вопросы. Рекомендую от чистого сердца!

    Anatoly Usiskin