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For buyers

Buying process in Bulgaria:

Let’s say you already liked a property with Bulgarian Ski Properties and think to buy it. Please see all the steps to complete the deal and acquire the property.

  1. The property you have selected must be reserved and taken off the market. You have to send a deposit (amount of 2 000 Euro which will be deducted from the selling price of the property). Only after the Deposit is received, the property will be marked as Reserved and will be no longer available for sale.
  2. The details of the deal are now established with a Contract you will receive after the deposit is received including desirable completion dates and any specific requirements or considerations on either side. The Buyer is responsible for the amount of the property, Public Notary, Local fees and taxes, Registry Agency fees and legal fees which may include representation if you are not able to represent yourself on the day of the deal.
  3. From this point, our solicitor coordinates the legal process. Your sales contact will always be in the background, available to you and active in protecting your interests. Bulgarian Ski Properties sales and legal team will gather necessary information (names, addresses, marital status, a copy of passports, etc.) and send the initial paperwork to the Notary.
  4. The Solicitor will prepare all legally required checks and documents to secure the property transaction. The procedure of preparing all the documents can take up to 30 working days after the deposit is received.
  5. The Initial contract – Tittle Deed will be signed by the Buyer and the Seller. This signing can be done in person at the Notary’s office. Both parties can be represented by a solicitor with Power of Attorney who will sign the Tittle Deed on their behalf. On the day of the deal, the rest of the amount for the property must be transferred by the Buyer or his representative to the bank account of the Seller or his representative.
  6. After the payment is made there follows a 10-day period to receive the official document for the ownership – Tittle Deed. The new Tittle Deed will be issued by the Registry agency and can be taken from the Notary Office by the Buyer or his representative.

After buying:

Renting: Now you can rent out your property and start benefit from it. Please visit our Property Management page to find out more about lettings

Fees and Taxes

  1. When the new Tittle Deed is collected from the Notary office, you or your representative must register the property in the Municipality of the respective area. As an owner of a property now you have to start paying annual property taxes to the Municipality. Management and maintenance fees must be paid annually. Bills for electricity, water must be paid monthly.